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High Performance Anti Aging Products policy  All Natural Beauty Products

 Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Cosmetic for Highest Beauty Demands

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Under the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG umbrella there exist two brands: GREEN PEEL®, the original method for renewing the skin, which has been used successfully worldwide for over 50 years, and the derma.cosmetics skincare series. All of the products in this skincare series are dermatologically-developed and offer unique problem-solving competence for a wide variety of skin conditions.

Welcome to Dr. Grandel Cosmetic system.

 All of its products and services are of premium quality.

DR. GRANDEL is an internationally successful company – and with very good reason. We are a successful producer of brand-name products because we’ve made responding to customers’ needs the top priority of all DR. GRANDEL employees.

Our desire to always meet our customers’ needs is evident in our excellent natural anti aging products and marketing services, and also in the exemplary way we have organized our entire logistics value chain. This approach influences everything we do – how we select raw materials, our state-of-the-art production in line with good manufacturing practice (GMP), and how we deliver our products.

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Welcome To BIODROGA Cosmetic System.

 The Best High performance Face Treatment System

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF Dr. Christine Schrammek.

 The power of medical beauty

The biological beauty systems from Biodroga Systems provide innovative solutions for skin problems. They nourish, protect and repair skin - always perfectly attuned to the skin's specific needs.

Every biological beauty system is a complete skin care regimen:

PURAN FORMULA for blemish-prone problem skin, OXYGEN FORMULA for oxygen-deprived skin, MOISTURIZING FORMULA for moisture-deprived skin, α-ENERGIZING FORMULA to retain youthful-looking skin, REPAIR FORMULA for light-stressed skin, VITALIZING FORMULA for demanding skin and ANTI TIME FORMULA to combat the visible signs of skin aging.

Biodroga Home Biodroga MD home Biodroga MD Cleansing products Biodroga MD Moisture line Biodroga MD Anti-Age line Biodroga MD Hyper Sensitive Line Biodroga MD Skin Booster Srum Biodroga MD Skin Boost Power Products Biodroga MD skin boost power products - Acid treatment Biodroga MD skin booster Sun protection Biodroga MD Hair booster Phyris system home page Phyris Cleansing Products Phyris SOMI Products

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Phase 2 - Activation




Phase 3 - Care













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Phyris HYDRO ACTIVE Products Phyris PERFECT AGE Products Phyris PHYTO VITAL Products Phyris SENSITIVE Products Phyris DERMA CONTROL Products Phyris PROFINE Products Phyris DAY CARE Products Phyris NEW GENERATION- Ampoules Phyris TRIPLE A Products

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Dr. Schrammek Essential products HYDRATING CARE - INTENSIVE MOISTURISER FOR DRY SKIN Dr. Schrammek Anti-aging products Dr. Schrammek regulating products Dr. Schrammek sensitive products Dr. Schrammek time control products Dr. Grandel hydro active products Dr. grandel protect products Dr. Grandel Timeless products Dr. grandel sensitive balance products Dr. Grandel-hydro lipid products Dr. grandel puriface products Dr. Grandel ultra sensitive products Dr. Grandel eye care products Dr. Grandel elements of nature products Dr. Grandel-nutri-sensation-products Dr. Grandel sun protedtion products Dr. Grandel ampoule products Dr. Grandel mask products Dr. Grandel peeling products Dr. Grandel perfect  BB creams Dr. Grandel anti-pigmentation products Biodroga Cleansing products Biodroga puran formula products Biodroga Oxygen Formula products Biodroga face masks Biodroga intensive moisture formula products Biodroga alpha energizing products Biodroga anti-age cell formula products Biodroga golden caviar products biodroga luxury Premium Skin Care Biodroga Caviar radiance products Biodroga sensitive formula products biodroga age performance formula products Biodroga special treatment products Biodroga spa sensation products Biodroga color care products Biodroga high performance concentrate ampoules grandel Home Page Dr. Grandel color touch products Dr. Grandel phyto care products Dr. grandel men care products Phyris LUXESSE  Products Phyris EYE ZONE Products Phyris TIME RELEASE Products
Dr. christine Schrammek company information Phyris Company Information Phyris Company Information Phyris Company Information Phyris Company Information Phyris 3 phase concept Biodroga Home

Special Products

Phyris SPECIALS Products

Shop best selling skin care products - Made in Germany -  at Fybo.biz. Browse our selection of popular Natural Anti-Aging Cosmetics to get gorgeous skin now. See amazing results in less than 28 days - Not months. Trusted by millions happy clients around the world for their highest beauty skin demands. Apply them and you'll understand  why Plastic Surgical Doctors hate them so badly.

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Dr. Grandel cleansing products


Dr. Grandel BeautyGen products


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A highly efficient special care which perfectly meets the individual needs of your skin.

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The answer is medically and scientifically based products including “intelligent” cremes and optimized effectiveness as a result of the Derma Membrane Complex. Additionally, the products contain plant-based stimulants with a long-term skincare effect, highly potent vitamins, collagen-building and protecting tripeptides, hexapeptides that relax the facial features, effective plant oils and extracts, luxury hyaluronic acid – all contained in a state-of-the-art care range.

Biodroga MD home

PHYRIS System.

The unique 3-phase concept creates results you can see and feel - instantly

and lastingly. For everyone who enjoys celebrating individual beauty.

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The Dr. GRANDEL Group with its brands DR. GRANDEL, PHYRIS and Arabesque regularly win prestigious national and international awards.

Biodroga Energize & Perfect Cosmetics

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Biodroga Md Skin Even Perfect Mineral anti-age makeup products Biodroga Global Anti-Age Formula Products Biodroga Repair & Cell Protection products

Special Products

Dr. Grandel Beauty Express Products Phyris Renew products

* Vegan approved natural skin care products for all skin type

* High performance natural skincare products hated by thousand cosmetic Doctors but loved by millions happy clients around the world ever.

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