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All Organic Natural Vegan Skin Care  Cosmetics


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Biodroga natural skin care products Biodroga MD natural medic cosmetics Dr. Grandel natural skincare products Dr. Christine Schrammek natural cosmetics Phyris unique 3 phase concept system.

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All Organic Natural Vegan Skin Care  Cosmetics

Featured Products

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This highly concentrated cocktail of active ingredients strengthens the resistance of the skin and protects it from free radicals

Biodrogta Vitamin Concentrate Serum

Biodroga Caviar concentrate serum

- Minimizes lines and wrinkles

- Improves skin’s functions

- After a cure, skin gains more resilience and elasticity

Biodroga Firming Effect concentrate Serum

-  A consolidating high-    performance luxury care

- Lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin tightened and the facial contours appear firmer and tighter

Biodroga MD Skin booster Peptox Serum Fluid  30 ml – (New)

Biodroga Md Peptox Serum Fluid

- Alternative Botox Injection

-  A high-tech formula with an effect similar to that of botulinum toxin

- Hexapeptides have a relaxing effect on the facial muscles and help to prevent expression lines

Biodroga Md Cerato Balance Smoothing Cream

- Chicken skin, sand   paper skin solution

- Losens hornification   which is responsible for   the keratosis

Dr. Grandel Collagran Concentrate Serum

- Serum plumps sagging areas of your skin while noticeably reducing the appearance of expression lines

- Proven to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Dr. Grandel Forever 39 Concentrate Serum

-  Stimulates collagen forming,    elastine synthesis and hyaluron    forming

- Reduces volume and area of   wrinkles

- Facial structure’s youthful V shape   is  maintained

Dr. Grandel Instant Smoother Concentrate Serum

- Refines pores

- Matts and reduces annoying oily shine wherever the skin produces excess oil

-Improves the skin’s moisture conditions

Phyris Multi Vision Eye Lift Trio Set

The World Best Eye Care Products (2008 Award)

1- Essentials Eye Lift I: A firming and revitalizing anti-aging concentrate especially formulated for the skin of the eye area.

 It reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles as well as cell damage. Reduces signs of tiredness, stress and decreases puffiness.

2- ESSENTIAL EYE LIFT II: A regenerative, strengthening and calming anti-aging concentrate that acts as a rejuvenation treatment for the upper eye area. Peptides improves the microcirculation, strengthens the skin’s connective tissue and thus combats skin aging. Swelling and congestion is reduced and the skin looks firmer and tighter again.

3- PHYRIS Vision Eye Lift: tightens and smoothens the skin with its triple effect and thus offers an immediate reduction of lines, wrinkles and signs of stress.

Dr. Christine Schrammek PERFECT SKIN PEELING 125 ml Pro Size

- This creamy facial peeling with jojoba wax beads gently frees the skin from excessive sebum

- Remove dead skin cells

- Refines and vitalizes the complexion

Dr. Schrammek Mela White Day Cream 100 ml

 Pro Size

- Helps even out existing hyper pigmentation

- Prevent the formation of new spots

- Corrective skincare fluid for normal and dry skin

BIODROGA ampoule Vitamin Concentrate-24x3 ml pro size BIODROGA ampoule Caviar  Concentrate -24x3 ml BIODROGA ampoule Firming Effect Concentrate-24x3 ml pro size Biodroga MD Skin booster Peptox Serum Fluid  30 ml – (New) Biodroga Md Cerato Balance Smoothing Cream 50 ml Dr. Grandel Ampoule Collagran 3 ml - 24 pack Dr. Grandel  Forever 39 ampoule 3ml  - 24 pack pro size Dr. Grandel  Instant Smoother ampoule 3 ml - 24 pack pro size Phyris Multi Vision Eye Lift Trio Set (1 x 15 ml – 2 x 5 ml) Dr. Schrammek Perfect Skin Peeling125 ml pro size Dr. Schrammek Mela White Day Cream 100 ml pro size

Dr. Schrammek Global Defense Cream spf 20 - 50ml

** Vitalizing day cream with UV and infrared protection


Vitalizing day cream with global protection against light-induced skin aging. It supports vitalization of mature skin and improves the moisture supply of the skin.

- UVA/UVB filters: sun protection

- Elix-IR™: infrared cell protection, photoprotection

- Vitamin A: smoothing, firming, cell-regenerating

- Hyaluronic Acid: moisture-binding, elasticity-improving

Vitamin E: anti-oxidative, smoothing

Dr. Schrammek Glogal defense Serum 50 ml