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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Skin Problems Treatment

Oily and impure skin constitutes one of the most common skin problems. Combinations of agents that reduce talc production and inflammation of the skin whilst preventing it from drying out, are necessary components to solve these skin problems.

The REGULATING line combines calming ingredients with regulating agents that reduce impurities and redness of skin. These products contribute towards a well-balanced, mattified complexion and a significantly improved skin appearance.

Dr. Christine Schrammek Deep Pore Cleanser 200 ml                                          Dr. Christine Schrammek GEL SUPER PURIFIANT 50 ML                       Dr Christine Schrammek CLEAR SKIN SILVER FLUID 50 ml     Dr. Christine Schrammek Special Regulating Cream 2 -  50 ml                       Dr. Christine Schrammek BLEMISH BALM BB cream Dr Christine Schrammek Impurity Stop Ampoule 2 ml     Dr. Christine Schrammek ACTIVE CLEARING MASK 75 ML Dr. Schrammek Herbal Active Purity- ampoule. For large-pored skin and for blemishes

Deep pore cleanser

Gel super purifiant

Clear Skin Silver Fluid

Special regulating cream

Enzyme Regulating & peeling

BB cream

Impurety Stop ampoules

Active clearing mask

Herbal Active Purity- ampoule

Purifying Vital Balm

Professional saving size for Salon & Spa application

Dr. Schrammek deep pore cleanser 500 ml pro size

Dr. Schrammek Gel super purifant 125 ml pro size

Dr. Schrammek Herbal Active Purity- ampoule 21 x 2ml pro size

Dr. Schrammek special regulating 125 ml     pro size