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The Concentrate is a consolidating high-performance care, lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin tightened and the facial contours appear firmer and tighter.

  1. Sensitive Concentrate-7x3 ml
  2. Sensitive Concentrate-24 x3 ml pro size
  3. Couperose Concentrate-7x3 ml
  4. Couperose Concentrate-24 x3 ml pro size
  5. Repair Concentrate-7x3 ml
  6. Repair Concentrate-24 x3 ml pro size
  7. Firming Effect Concentrate-7x3 ml
  8. Firming Effect Concentrate-24 x3 ml pro
  9. Vitamin Concentrate-7x3 ml
  10. Vitamin Concentrate-24 x3 ml pro size
  11. Caviar  Concentrate -7x3 ml
  12. Caviar  Concentrate -24x3 ml
  13. Moisture Plus Concentrate-7x3 ml
  14. Moisture Plus Concentrate-24x3 ml pro

Thank you. Your Beauty Is Our Passion

Biodroga Ampoule - Natural high performance pure concentrate ingredients in ampoules.

Active Concentrate Ampoules from Biodroga system- Expertise in professional skin care. Beauty extracts in glass ampoules combine diverse advantages. Concentrated nutrients while minimum concentration of preservatives

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Biodroga Sensitive Concentrate-ampoule 7 x 3ml

Sensitive Concentrate-24 x3 ml pro size

Biodroga Couperose Concentrate Ampoule-7 7 x 3ml

Biodroga Couperose Concentrate Ampoule -24 x3 ml pro size

Repair concentrate


Biodroga Firming Effect Concentrate-7x3 ml

Biodroga  Firming Effect Concentrate  24 x 3ml pro size

Biodroga Vitamin Concentrate-7x3 ml

Biodroga  Vitamin Concentrate  24 x 3 ml pro size

Biodroga Caviar  Concentrate 7x 3 ml

Biodroga Caviar  Concentrate 24x3 ml

Biodroga  Moisture  Plus  Concentrate  7 x 3 ml

BiodrogaMoisture Plus Concentrate  -24 x 3 ml


Thank you. Your Beauty Is Our Passion

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