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Biodroga Enzymatic Exfoliating Power 60 gr



Good for acne treatment

The Enzymatic Exfoliating Powder with papain and bamboo cane powder is particularly skin friendly. Due to its enzymatic effect it is also suited for impure and sensitive skin or skin with redness. Residuals and skin flakes are gently removed. Skin is cleansed pore-deep while its natural cell renewal is stimulated. For an even and clear complexion.

By removing dead skin cells, the face is left clearer with a more even tone and texture. Furthermore, by removing the dead cells from the skin, these peels help to promote renewal within healthy skin cells

Sometimes these kinds of peels are called restorative enzyme peels. This is because, in the process of peeling away the dead skin cells, the skin is restored and becomes healthier and more able to heal and renew itself

An enzyme peel is a beauty product that is used to deeply cleanse and resurface the skin on the face by treating the upper layers of skin tissue.


Mix with luke warm water and apply to moist skin of face, throat and décolleté, spare out eye contours. Let take effect 2-3 minutes. Emulsify, gently exfoliate. Thoroughly wash off. Use a clarifying lotion and continue with care product.

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