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Biodroga Global Anti-Age Formula

  1.  Anti-Age Formula 24hr Care 50ml
  2.  Anti-Age Formula 24hr Care 200ml pro
  3.  Anti-Age Formula Eye Care 15ml
  4.  Anti-Age Formula Eye Care 50ml pro
  5.  Anti-Age Formula Serum 30ml
  6.  Anti-Age Formula Serum 100ml pro

GLOBAL ANTI-AGE CELL FORMULA with BIOACTIVE ANTI-AGE COMPLEX(Argania phyto stem cells and biopeptides) was particularly developedfor these deficits. Inspired by nature, the formation of new skin cells andskin’s own elastin are stimulated by means of the innovative EDP (peptides).The concentration of natural hyaluronic acid is improved, and themoisture depots of skin are replenished. Skin becomes tighter and moreelastic again, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and facial featuresre-contoured.

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