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  1. 24H Care for moisture deficient skin-50ml
  2. 24H Care for moisture deficient skin-150ml Pro size
  3. 24H Care for Moisture Deficient-Dry-Skin 50ml
  4. 24H Care for Moisture Deficient-Dry-Skin 200ml Pro
  5. Basic Moist Fluid - 30 ml
  6. Basic Moist Fluid 150 ml Pro size
  7. Eye Care-15 ml
  8. Tinted Moisturizer Honey 01-50 ml
  9. Tinted Moisturizer Bronze 02 -50 ml

The system for moisture deficient skin

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Thank you. Your Beauty Is Our Passion

The innovative ingredients of the INTENSE MOISTURE FORMULA skincare line stimulate the aquaporines within the skin. Aquaporines are proteins which form channels in the cell membrane and control the water transportation in the skin. The discovery of aquaporines was awarded in 2003 with the Nobel Prize.

The water conductivity of aquaporines amounts to up to 3 milliard molecules per second. This enables an increase of moisture reaching the upper layers of skin. Simultaneously, skin is supplied with moisture from outside, its moisture-binding capacity is increased and it is protected against dryness. This innovative concept stimulates skin’s natural hydration mechanisms – a double effect for a perfect hydration from inside and outside. Result: optimal care for thirsty skin and best tolerance.