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Biodroga Md Anti-Age MD EGF/R Products

  1. Cell booster serum 30 ml
  2. Cell booster serum 100 ml pro size
  3. Cell booster 24 h care 50  ml
  4. Cell booster 24h care 200 ml pro
  5. Eye care 15 ml
  6. Eye care 50 ml pro size

Anti-Age EGF-R Principal ingredient in the premium skincare ANTI-AGE EGF/R from Biodroga MD is a a synthetic, nature-identical emulation of the human EGF. The Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology was awarded for the discovery of EGF in 1986. ECF acts as messenger substance stimulating the formation of new skin cells and improving the production of elastin and collagen. Skin gains back its tightness and elasticity. Facial features are re-contoured. The ingredient EGF is encapsulated in liposomes enabling an optimal ingredient penetration.


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