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BIODROGA MD Hair Booster Energizing Serum Step 2 - 100 ml

BIODROGA MD HAIR BOOSTER Serum is specifically designed for applying to the scalp in thinning hair and androgenetic hair loss. Hair vitality is re-established. The STPL II PEPTIDES promote hair growth conditions, optimize hair volume, and strengthen hair structure and texture. Caffeine promotes scalp circulation and protects the hair roots. Vitamin E acetate builds hair structure and has an antioxidative effect against free radicals. Biotin promotes hair growth. Panthenol provides the scalp with valuable moisture and has soothing properties. Lecithin nourishes the hair and scalp. Black oat extract envelops the hair with an invisible protective film, repairs damaged areas, and protects the hair against moisture loss. Wheat protein makes hair supple and gives it strength.

Main Ingredients:



Vitamin E acetate



Black oat extract

Wheat protein

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100ml = $180.34