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Biodroga MD Hypoallergen 24 Hour Care satisfies almost every need in the care of sensitive skin. It does not contain emulsifiers and guarantees maximum skin tolerance. It is great specifically for use on dry and very sensitive skin, as well as skin prone to neurodermatitis. Biodroga MD Hypoallergen 24 Hour Care defends and smooth skin and provides a delightful, silky-smooth skin sensation. This creme works to make skin more supple, strong and soft.

Features & Benefits:

Allergic reaction risk is minimized.

Does not contain parabens, other preservatives, mineral oils, emulsifiers, coloring agents or fragrance.

Meets the needs of dry and very sensitive skin.

How To Use:

Apply Biodroga MD Hypoallergen 24 Hour Care evenly to clean skin in the am and pm.

Key Ingredients:

Resurrection Plant Extract, D-Panthenol, Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Plant-Based Squalane, Derma Membrane Complex.

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Biodroga MD Hypoallergen 24 Hour Care - 200 ml Pro Size

200ml = $215.80