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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Skin Problems Treatment

BIODROGA MD Intense Moisture serum  – 30 ml

- Moisturizing serum with instant and longterm effect

- Moisturizes 10x more than hyaluronic acid

Especially developed for the most frequent skin conditions, these highly concentrated serums offer targeted help. Applied before the care and gently patted in, the serums develop their special effect. Since the organism needs vitamins, minerals and trace elements for all functions, the right complement of the serums is the respective nutritional supplement.

30 ml=$75.55

AquaMAX LM /AquaMAX HM - two different amino-acid-based variants which supply 10 times more! moisture than hyaluronic acid - a moisture kick for even very dry skin with depot effect

Wheat protein, algae and pomegranate extract as well as STPL2 - firming and hydrating

Chlorella, a sweet-water alga, promises positive effects on the new formation of cells

Green-tea extract has a detoxifying effect

Grape seed extract and vitamins C and E offer anti-oxidative protection

Zinc strengthens the immune system

Selenium detoxifies

Coenzyme Q10 helps to prevent also from inside the light-induced, premature skin aging

* Biodroga MD Intense Moisture Serum penetrates deep to hydrate skin and lock in moisture and increase elasticity. This serum leaves the skin feeling plump, hydrated and happy.

Therefore, the formulations of BIODROGA MD™ INTENSE MOISTURE combine ingredients which supply and bind moisture in a highly efficient manner.

How to use: Apply to the cleansed skin and pat gently. Then apply your usual skin care.

30 ml

- 100 ml pro size also available- Buy now

BIODROGA MD Intense Moisture serum 100 ml - Pro Size

- For more information - Buy now