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Biodroga MD Cosmetics

  1.  Anti-Age Products
  2. Anti-Age MD EGF/R
  3. Anti-Ox
  4. Anti-Redness
  5. Beauty Roller
  6.  Cerato Balance
  7. Cleansing
  8.  Clear+
  9.  Even Perfect
  10. Hair Boosters
  11. Hyper Sensitive
  12.  Moisture Products
  13. Skin Booster Serums
  14.  Skin Booster Acid Treatment
  15.  SK Booster power Products

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BIODROGA MD offers you an innovative, highly scientific skincare range based on medical evidence from the latest skincare research findings, directly targeting the causes of various skin problems.

Biodroga MD, an expert in highly efficient ingredients, is now combining skincare and medicine. HIGHLY EFFICIENT – AND WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

In interdisciplinary research work, we have concentrated the relevant skills in the key areas of PHYTOPHARMACY (research of medicinal products with botanical ingredients). DERMATOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY and COSMETICS.

The result: BIODROGA MD™. A highly efficient special care which perfectly meets the individual needs of your skin. OUTSTANDING SKIN COMPATIBILITY proven by dermatological tests.

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