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  1. Anti-pigmentation spot serum  - 30 ml
  2. Anti-pigmentation spot serum  100 ml pro size
  3. Anti-uv stress serum  - 30 ml
  4. Anti-uv stress serum 75 ml pro size
  5. Firming mask with instant effect 75 ml
  6. Firming mask with instant effect 200ml pro
  7. Instant lift serum 30 ml
  8. Instant lift serum 100 ml pro size
  9.  Intense moisture serum  - 30 ml
  10.  Intense moisture serum 100 ml pro size
  11. Lipid Massage Cream 200 ml pro size
  12. Pore-refining serum  - 30 ml
  13. Pore-refining serum  100 ml pro size
  14. Total anti-age serum 30 ml
  15. Total anti-age serum 50 ml pro size
  16. VitaminC  Restructure Concentrate 30 ml
  17. VitaminC  Restructure Concentrate 100ml pro
  18. Skin booster Peptox Serum Fluid  30ml (new)

Highly effective special products based on peptides, vitamins and natural ingredients: BIODROGA MDTM SKIN BOOSTER products have an ANTI-OXIDANT, FIRMING AND MOISTURING EFFECT. The skin appears smooth and as if plumped from inside.

   Biodroga Md Skin Booster Serum

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