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Digital - Gift - Certificates

 Download - Print out - Shop Online Instantly

Digital Gift Certificate - FB 100

FB 100= $100.00

Digital Gift Certificate - FB 200

FB 200= $200.00

Digital Gift Certificate - FB 500

FB 500= $500.00

Digital Gift Certificate - FB 1,000

FB 1000= $1,000

Digital Gift Certificate - FB 2,000

FB 2000=$2,000

Digital Gift Certificate - FB 5,000

FB 5000= $5,000

Digital Gift Certificates


* These are local restricted gift certificates

* They will be expired 24 months from the purchased date

* They’re valid to purchase all products on our website just as cash

* They are non-refundable after 30 days


* Within 30 days from the date of purchase -  They could be redeemed on cash - And we will charge a restocking & services fee of 30% (On the face value of certificate) - before refund.

* Please review this special policy before purchase them.

How to redeem your gift certificate


Shop and find an item you wish to purchase.

Select PayPal as your payment option.

Log in to your account. You must have or register for a PayPal account to redeem this gift certificate. (To register, click Sign Up now .)

When prompted, enter your gift certificate redemption code and follow the last steps to redeem your gift certificate.

Important Terms:

 Printed Merchant Gift Certificates are transferable if they do not include a recipient email address. For security and verification purposes, you may be required to verify your identity using a credit card.

Multiple gift certificates can be redeemed on a single purchase if they are in the same currency. Unused balances may be applied to other purchases.

Neither the merchant nor PayPal are responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

Your use of your gift certificate is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Gift Certificate

Merchant Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the Merchant Gift Certificate product and by offering Merchant Gift Certificates you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Merchant Gift Certificates is a product that allows you to offer Gift Certificates for sale through your web site. Purchasers may purchase a Gift Certificate for a designated recipient, who may then redeem that Gift Certificate on purchases made with you using PayPal. The purchaser must define the recipient at the time of purchase for Gift Certificates delivered by email. Once purchased, Gift Certificates delivered by email may not be transferred to a different recipient. A recipient must have a PayPal account and pay using PayPal in order to redeem a Gift Certificate. Please note that these terms and conditions do not cover eBay Gift Certificates or eBay Gift Cards which are offered for sale by eBay.

You are the issuer of the Gift Certificate and PayPal shall provide certain services in connection with its administration. You agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of the Gift Certificate and shall not amend or revise such Terms & Conditions in any way. You release PayPal from any and all claims arising in connection with Merchant Gift Certificates.

Sale & Redemption of Gift Certificates

Proceeds from the sale of Gift Certificates are stored in your PayPal account.

For the initial 18 month period following the sale of a Gift Certificate, the Gift Certificate balance is stored in your reserve balance and you shall not have access to such funds unless the Gift Certificate is redeemed. When a Gift Certificate is redeemed, funds, less applicable PayPal fees as described below, are moved from your reserve balance to your available balance via recipient’s PayPal account.

After initial 18-month period if a Gift Certificate retains a balance for 18 months, the amount of the remaining balance will be released from the reserve balance, less applicable PayPal fees as described below, and placed in your available balance. Since Gift Certificates do not expire, a recipient will still be able to redeem the unused value associated with the Gift Certificate. In these types of redemptions, the Gift Certificate value will act as a discount against the recipient’s purchase total and you will not receive the remaining balance from the gift certificate. For example, if a recipient uses a $10.00 USD Gift Certificate that is more than 18 months old on a $15.00 USD purchase, you will receive only $5.00 USD (less fees), since you will have already received the $10.00 USD in proceeds, less PayPal fees, from the recipient’s Gift Certificate when the gift certificate had aged 18 months.

You acknowledge that it has responsibility to comply with all applicable laws in connection with unused Gift Certificate balances.

Cancellation/Non-Expiration of gift certificates

You may cancel any unredeemed Gift Certificate at any time provided you refund the full value of the Gift Certificate to the purchaser in accordance with the Gift Certificate terms and conditions and notify the purchase and, if different, the recipient of such cancellation.

Gift certificates do not expire. Any unused value associated with a Gift Certificate will remain available to the recipient until spent and you shall honor valid Gift Certificate until the value associated with such Gift Certificate is zero.

Account closure: If your PayPal account is closed, by you or otherwise in accordance with the terms of the User Agreement, then the remaining balance of Gift Certificate less than 18 months old will be refunded to the purchaser. You will remain fully liable for Gift Certificate balances that are older than 18 months. Refunds on Gift Certificates purchased using a credit/debit card will have the face value credited to that credit/debit card. Refunds on Gift Certificates that were not purchased using a credit/debit card will be placed into the purchaser's PayPal account.


You agree not to charge fees in connection with Gift Certificates, including in connection with their purchase, maintenance and redemption.

PayPal does not charge you any fees when a Gift Certificate is purchased; however, PayPal does charge its standard transaction fees in connection with payments using Gift Certificates. If a gift certificate is redeemed within the initial 18 month period, PayPal charges you standard transaction processing fees at the time of the redemption. If a gift certificate is not redeemed within the initial 18 month period, the remaining balance on the gift certificate is released from the reserve balance. Standard transaction processing fees are charged to you when funds are moved from your reserve balance to your available balance.

Customer Service

You shall provide support for the purchasers and recipients of Gift Certificates