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Dr. Grandel Beauty-Gen Renew Ii Velvet Touch - 125 ml pro size

Face care for radiant skin Rejuvenating 24-hour care for a velvety-soft skin feeling With the latest scientific findings against dry skin with lines and wrinkles and unpleasant exciting skin: The snow algae extract in RENEW II - velvet touch - from GRANDEL activates the 'Schönheitsgen' in your skin, the collagen fibers are protected and the elasticity of your skin improves . Your skin will look smoother and more radiant .

Velvet smooth 24 hour care rejuvenating and renewing the effect New cosmetic active ingredient rejuvenates and renews skin

Reduce fine wrinkles, both in number and in depth. Cocoa butter with a slight cooling effect provides a solid and pleasantly fresh looking skin. Oil of Wild Rose stimulates collagen production and skin renewal. This cream is suitable for normal and combination skin.

The visible skin rejuvenation thru snow algae has been scientifically proven: Young, fresh skin boasts a 100% active beauty gene, whereas older and stressed skin only has 46 % left. Under the influence of snow algae extract however, cell activity increases to an amazing 75 %. Snow algae, which have their habitat in barren glacier areas, owe it to their effective protective mechanism that they can withstand even harshest environmental conditions. External stress factors provoke them to change their color from green to red; only in this condition will they produce the skin rejuvenating cocktail of effective ingredients. Under laboratory conditions, the plant can be cultivated and purposefully be put into this protective mode in order to isolate the precious, highly regenerative active ingredient. In Germany this new active ingredient is exclusively found in the new anti-aging skin care series BEAUTYGEN by DR. GRANDEL.

With their skin rejuvenating effect, the five skin care products of the BEAUTYGEN series directly tackle the cardinal point of the skin aging process: They activate the skin's "beauty gene", protect the collagenous fibers and give the skin new elasticity. Snow algae have been proven to increase the skin cells' activity, reduce damage caused by UV radiation and are convincing due to their high antioxidative potential. This rejuvenating effect is strengthened by anti-age peptides, which assist the skin's repair processes and further slacken its aging process


Snow algae extract Snow algae extract is the extract of the herbal sleeping Schneealge (alpine glacier). The extract activates the "Schönheitsgen", which provides for a more youthful complexion. In addition, the extract for the best protection of collagen fibers provides, it increases the elasticity of the skin, tightens the skin and contributes to the renewal of the skin. Composition rich oil Wild Rose Oil: regenerates, Avocado Oil: nourishes, safflower oil: rich in vitamin E Anti-aging peptides Anti-aging peptides promote collagen structure in the skin. They keep the skin smooth and plump, have demonstrated a long-term anti-wrinkle effect and are highly effective in the fight against skin aging.


 Apply morning and evening on cleansed skin on face, neck and décolleté



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