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Smoothes mimic wrinkles, soften dark circles and eye bags. Signs of fatigue and stress will disappear. Dr. Grandel Hydro Active Eye Contour Cream & Mask gives the skin a concentrated dose of long-lasting moisture. A contour firmer complex reduces puffiness and firms the area around the eyes. For a visibly refreshed, firmer and smoother skin around the eyes.

Relaxing care or nutritious mask - you decide how the creamy moisturizer. To apply around the eyes, the delicate recipe with Hyaluron smoothes expression lines. While an algae extract and the Contour Firmer complex show signs of fatigue and stress disappear puffiness and dark shadows are reduced and streamlined contours. Quick affects the eyes refreshed and smoothed.

Correct application of relaxing DR GRANDEL Eye Contour Cream & Mask.:

Morning and evening after cleansing, apply to the eye area and before the cream. Avoid contact with eyelashes! For intensive care can also be used as a mask: Eye Contour Cream & Mask Apply 1-2 times a week in covering layer and leave on for about 20 minutes. Residues rub or remove with a tissue.

Packaging: Tube

Tip: If Eye Contour Cream & Mask is stored in the refrigerator, it feels even fresher.


Seaweed extract

The algae extract is obtained from the brown alga. The extract moisturizes the skin intensive and long lasting., Has a balancing effect and smoothes wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid used for cosmetics is obtained biotechnologically. It is a physiological component of our connective tissue and therefore particularly well tolerated by the skin care. Hyaluronic acid forms when applied to the skin a thin, invisible film surface and also fills the space between the horn cells. It has an exceptionally high water binding capacity and protects the corneal layer against drying. Even with very low humidity, it has very good moisturizing properties. So dryness wrinkles are reduced. Suppleness, firmness and elasticity of the skin can be obtained.

Contour Firmer complex

The Contour Firmer complex is a combination of peptides and a stabilized form of hesperidin (flavonoid from citrus fruits). It reduces the permeability of capillary, increases lymphatic circulation and it improves firmness and elasticity of skin.



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