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Dr. Grandel Cleansing Products

  1. Cleansing Water 200 ml
  2. Cleansing Water 400 ml pro size
  3. Purigel 200 ml
  4. Purigel 400 ml pro size
  5. Cleansing Milk 200 ml
  6. Cleansing Milk 400 ml pro size
  7. Soft Tonic 200 ml
  8. Soft Tonic  400 ml pro size
  9. Fresh Tonic 200 ml
  10. Fresh Tonic 400 ml pro size
  11. Eye Make-up Remover 75 ml
  12. Eye Make-up Remover 200 ml pro size
  13. Effect Peeling 75 ml
  14. Effect Peeling 200 ml pro size

For the individual requirements of the skin.

The Cleansing line offers a comprehensive choice of products which prepare the skin optimally for high-quality skin care products. Gentle cleansing free the skin from make-up, dust and other contaminations. Peeling remove excessive homification from the skin and refine the skin’s texture. Tonics provide an optimum of refreshment and complete the cleansing and peeling steps.

The DR GRANDEL cleansing products are particularly friendly and gentle to the skin and at the same time offer thorough yet mild cleansing.

Thank you. Your Beauty Is Our Passion

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