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Dr. Grandel Elements Of Nature Products

  1. EN Purisoft 75 ml
  2. EN Purisoft  200 ml pro size
  3. EN  Anti Stress 50 ml
  4. EN  Anti Stress 200 ml pro size
  5. EN Regeneration 50 ml
  6. EN Regeneration 200 ml pro size
  7. EN  Anti Age 50 ml
  8. EN Anti Age 125 ml pro size
  9.  EN  Hydro Soft 50 ml
  10. EN  Derma Pur 50 ml
  11. EN  Nutra Rich 50 ml
  12. EN  Cream Mask  200 ml pro size
  13. EN Contour Balm 15 ml
  14. EN  Contour Balm 50 ml pro size
  15. EN  Nutra Lifting 50 ml
  16. EN  Nutra Lifting 125 ml pro size
  17. EN  Hyaluron 50 ml
  18. EN  Body cream 150 ml
  19. EN  Epigran 30 ml
  20. EN  Epigran 3 ml ampoule - 24 pack
  21. EN Biogran argan face body Massage oil

The high-quality natural cosmetics series from DR. GRANDEL provides natural, expert care for every skin type and condition.

Epigran, the multi-active essence obtained from wheat germ, is at the heart of the series. It combines naturalness, tradition and effectiveness like no other active substance.

And the Elements of Nature range contains no preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, petroleum components, paraffins, silicones, PEG emulsifiers, colourings or synthetic fragrances.

Thank you. Your Beauty Is Our Passion

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