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Dr Grandel Elements of Nature GRANDEL hyaluronic 50 ml

24-hour moisturizer with hyaluronic

Intense moisturizer with hyaluronic depot and plant amino acids for firm skin.

The intensive moisture fluid DR GRANDEL hyaluronic with plant amino acids and hyaluronic depot fills the moisture retention of the skin again, plumps fine lines and wrinkles, and provides for hours for a smooth, plump and fresh complexion. The first product of the ELEMENTS OF NATURE series in the dispenser!

Correct application of moisturizing hyaluronic of GRANDEL:

Distribute the morning and evening after cleansing with soft Puri a hazelnut-sized amount of hyaluronic acid cream to the face, neck and décolleté.

Your eyes indulge in advance with the Eye Care Contour Balm special attention.


Active Ingredients:

Depot hyaluronic acid

Plant-source amino acids

Hyaluronic acid equivalent

Wheat germ oil

Argan oil

50 ml

50 ml=$40.14