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  1.  HA Balancer 50 ml
  2. HA Moisturizer 50 ml
  3. HA Oxygen Moisturizer 30 ml
  4. HA Oxygen Moisturizer 100 ml pro size
  5. HA Hyaluron Refill Cream 50 ml
  6. HA Hyaluron Refill Cream 125 ml pro size
  7. HA Moisture Depot 30 ml
  8. HA Hyaluron Filler Caps 28 cap
  9. HA Hyaluron Filler 120 caps pro size
  10. HA Moisture Mask 75 ml
  11. HA Moisture Mask 200 ml pro size
  12. HA Hyaluron Body 150 ml
  13. HA Eye Contour Gel 15 ml
  14. HA Eye Contour Gel  50 ml Pro size
  15. HA Eye Contour Cream & Mask  20 ml
  16. HA Eye Contour Cream-Mask 50ml Pro size

Dr. Grandel HYDRO ACTIVE Products

The intelligent moisture care.

A fresh, well cared and delicate complexion is part of a youthful appearance. The skin requires plenty of moisture to stay in this condition, and even when we are young a lack of moisture can cause skin to become dry and wan, to feel tight and to form wrinkles.

The DR GRANDEL research team focused intensively on this problem and developed the Hydro Active range: Products that feature “intelligent” active ingredients, moisturizing oils and special encapsulation techniques that specifically deal with the needs of both dry and combination skins, providing care and protection against moisture loss.

Thank you. Your Beauty Is Our Passion

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