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Dr. Grandel HYDRO LIPID Products

  1. Hydro Lipid Supermoist 50 ml
  2. Hydro Lipid Supermoist 200 ml pro size
  3. Hydro Lipid Ultra Night 50 ml
  4. Hydro Lipid Ultra Massage 200 ml pro size
  5. Hydro Lipid Two Phase 50 ml
  6. Hydro Lipid Ultra Mask 75 ml
  7. Hydro Lipid Ultra Mask 200 ml pro size

For demanding, mature skin.

Mature skin needs extra rich care. These rich formulations regenerate and revitalize demanding, mature, dry skin and restore a relaxed, smooth texture. A firm and supple skin texture depends on the skin’s proper fat/moisture balance. Hydro Lipid from DR GRANDEL provides the skin with fat, moisture and the regenerating actives that are necessary to preserve the skin’s elasticity and to beautify the complexion to a smooth, fresh and supple look.

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