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Dr. Grandel Nutri Sensation Products

  1.  Nutri Sensation Revitalizer 50 ml
  2.  Nutri Sensation Revitalizer 125 ml pro size
  3.  Nutri Sensation Nutrillizer 50 ml
  4.  Sensation Nutrillizer 200 ml pro size
  5.  Sensation Night Repair 30 ml
  6.  Nutri Sensation Eye Cream & Mask 20 ml
  7.  Sensation Eye Cream & Mask  50 ml pro size
  8.  Sensation Repair Mask 200 ml
  9.  Sensation Repair Mask  200 ml pro size

The nourishing formula to regenerate the skin.

The skin often becomes a little more demanding from the mid to late 40s onward and needs to be cared for with a special combination of nutrients. Nutri Sensation is a regenerating skincare range that specifically meets the special needs of skin from the mid to late 40s on. Highly regenerative substances are combined in an ideally blended, nutrient formula that produces impressive results and a wonderful experience.

For a visibly regenerated, glowingly beautiful, youthfully smooth complexion.

Thank you. Your Beauty Is Our Passion

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