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Dr. Grandel SENSITIVE BALANCE Products

  1. Puriface 2 in 1 Cleasing foam 200 ml
  2. Puriface 2 in 1 Cleasing foam 500 ml pro size
  3. Puriface Sebocontrol Light 50 ml
  4. Puriface Sebocontrol Mask 75 ml
  5. Puriface Sebocontrol Mask 200 ml pro size
  6. Puriface Dermabalance 50 ml
  7. Puriface Dermabalance Mask 75 ml
  8. Puriface Dermabalance Mask  200 ml pro size

Very often, the skin problems begin during adolescence, but bad skin is not only a matter of age - for blackheads, pimples and pustules, there are a variety of triggers: excess sebum production, hormonal fluctuations, individual genes, but also factors such as stress, poor maintenance and nutrition play an important role, leaves the skin through the pores of sweat and pollutants, while forming in the sebaceous glands skin's own oil, tallow.

The skin produces too much sebum, the oil and moisture balance is disturbed. Can not flow out of tallow, there is often a "traffic jam" in the pores - the skin is oily, it caused pimples and blackheads. products with special care from the PURIFACE series bring the skin back into balance functions sustainably.

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