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Phyris AHA - Peeling 30% (index 60)Fruit Acid-pH4 - 50 ml –
Professional  use. Skin refining serum

Remove rough skin, refines pores. Lines and wrinkles are minimized,

This gentle AHA peeling serum with 30% fruit acids, pH 4.0  is suitable for all skin types. It refines, evens out and regenerates the skin. Fine lines and minor irregularities are reduced, which makes the complexion look fresher and younger. To achieve the optimum rejuvenation effect, PHYRIS SKIN RESULTS SERUM is used daily as a course of treatment over a period of 28 days in accordance with the skin’s regeneration cycle.

This intensive fruit acid peel temporarily prevents rough patches and dull-looking skin. It may only be administered by a professional esthetician

•Fruit acids (30%) stimulate peeling to effectively remove rough skin and have a gentle lightening effect

The treatment also improves the skin's structure and refines pores. Lines and wrinkles are minimized.


After Cleansing, apply 2 - 3 pipettes and after 10 minutes. Leave it on skin, apply your usual final care over the top.

Package: Pipette bottle


Malic Acid (encapsulated), AHA-Complex

Tip: Perfect attendant for home treatments during a fruit acid cure in the beauty salon. For an intensive 4-weeks rejuvenating cure it can be applied daily. Such a cure can be repeated 2 – 3 times a year.

(For professional salon use only this AHA treatment available with higher AHA release index 40 & 60 refer to ‘Salons & Spas’ for product fact sheets)


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