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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Skin Problems Treatment


***Premium care with triple effect for convincing anti-aging results

This luxurious 24-hour care caresses your skin with a precious, exclusive formulation. LUXESSE from Phyris acts in three ways to counter the signs of aging with a new, unique triple effect. Immediately after application, the extract of the black South Sea pearl from Tahiti makes the skin plumper from within. Nano hyaluron reduces the formation and depth of fine lines straight away, giving your skin a firm, fresh appearance. Already after just a few days of daily use, a special plant active ingredient reduces mimic lines to generate a smooth, even complexion. When used consistently, the anti-aging complex contained in the product creates firmer contours in the long term and helps make demanding skin plumper.

Phyris  LUXESSE BRIGHT 45 ml - Luxurious care with anti-pigment effect

Phyris  LUXESSE RICH  45 ml - Luxuriously rich intensive care

Phyris  LUXESSE LIFT 45 ml - Luxurious, firming care for dehydrated skin

Phyris  LUXESSE REFILL 45 ml - Luxurious, firming care for dry skin

Phyris  VISION EYE LIFT  15 ml - Luxurious  eye care  

Phyris  ESSENTIALS EYE LIFT Serum 2 x 5 ml - Small treasures for the eye area

Phyris Multi Vision Eye Lift Trio Set (1 x 15 ml – 2 x 5 ml) - Eye area care system

Phyris  LUXESSE BRIGHT Phyris  LUXESSE RICH Phyris  LUXESSE LIFT Phyris  LUXESSE REFILL Phyris  VISION EYE LIFT Phyris  ESSENTIALS EYE LIFT Serum 2 x 5 ml Phyris Multi Vision Eye Lift Trio Set (1 x 15 ml – 2 x 5 ml)