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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Skin Problems Treatment

  1. Dr. Christine Schrammek Pure Skin Cleansing Foam 100 ml
  2. Dr. Christine Schrammek Super Soft Cleanser 200 ml - 500 ml
  3. Dr. Christine Schrammek Super Rich Tonic 200 ml - 500 ml
  4. Dr. Christine Schrammek Herbal Care Lotion 2 -  200 ml - 500 ml
  5. Dr. Christine Schrammek Perfect Skin Peeling 50 ml - 125 ml
  6. Dr. Christine Schrammek Special Care Cream 2 - (For DRY skin) 50 ml - 125 ml
  7. Dr. Christine Schrammek Optimum Protection Cream SPF 20 - 75 ml
  8. Dr. Christine Schrammek High Perfection Eye Cream 15 ml - 50 ml
  9. Dr. Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm Beauty Fluid (Ivory-Beige-Peach) 50 ml
  10. Dr. Christine Schrammek Derma Zone body Cream 125 ml
  11. Dr. Christine Schrammek Energy Power Ampoule 2 ml (Pack of 21 ampoules)
  12. Dr. Christine Schrammek  Sensiderm Cleansing Solution 200 ml

   13. Dr. Christine Schrammek  Calming Facial Foam 100 ml

Dr. Christine Schrammek Sensiderm Cleansing Solution 200 ml Dr. Christine Schrammek Calming Facial Foam 100 ml

Dr. Schrammek Essential Care Products

The products of the Essential series form the basis for the care of normal skin. Before applying any creams and masks a gentle but thorough cleansing procedure is absolutely necessary.

The right cleansing for each individual skin condition is one of the most important aspects of proper skin care. Only perfectly cleansed skin can absorb the active ingredients in skincare products that are applied afterwards. The natural balance of the skin is not disturbed, but rather maintained by using special cleansing products.

Dr. Schrammek Super soft cleanser 500 ml - Pro size

Dr. Schrammek Herbal care lotion 500 ml - Pro size

Dr. Schrammek Super Rich tonic 500 ml - Pro size

Dr. Schrammek perfectskin peeling 125 ml- Pro size

Dr. Schrammek Special care cream 125 ml - Pro size

Dr. Schrammek High perfection eye cream 50 ml - Pro size