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Biodroga Md Anti-Redness Rosa-Calming Serum 30 ml

30 ml=$72.58

All skin type Day- Night Cream

The Rosa-Calming Serum is a concentrate for topical application on the face. Flavonoids strengthen the small capillaries and the walls of the blood vessels.  With regular use, the highly concentrated active ingredients in this serum gradually reduce the size and intensity of red areas.

Telangyn™ is a soothing tetrapeptide, which has been specially developed for the cosmetic treatment of couperose and telangiectasias. It counteracts reddening and the effect of collagenases (enzymes that break the peptide bonds between proline and other amino acids), which cause the breakdown of collagen. This active ingredient optimizes the skin's firmness and elasticity, protects the skin's cells against hyperpigmentation and ensures a more even complexion. The effectiveness of telangyn™ has been proven in numerous manufacturer-led studies (in-vitro and in-vivo).

Rutin belongs to a group of flavonoids that is found in many types of plants, protecting them against UV radiation. It strengthens the small capillaries in the skin.

Quercetin is found in tree bark as well as in many fruits, vegetables and flowers. It protects the skin against free radical damage and premature, environmentally-induced skin ageing. Quercetin can also help to prevent any associated skin irritation.

Salicin is found in the bark of willow and poplar trees.  It supports the actions of quercetin and rutin synergistically and has an astringent effect.

Red grape leaf extract is a tried-and-tested substance used in medicine for the treatment of veins. It strengthens the tissue and vessel walls of small capillaries.

Horse chestnut extract is used medically to strengthen veins. It improves the natural resistance of the small capillaries in the skin.

Product more Information:

Free from parabens, mineral oils, PEG emulsifiers and colorants. Fragrance-free. Strengthens capillaries and improves their natural resistance. Visibly reduces redness with regular use. Soothes reddened skin


Apply topically to the area of dilated blood vessels once a day after cleansing. The BIODROGA MD ANTI-REDNESS Rosa-Calming Serum can be used on a long-term basis in order to prevent signs of couperose.


Quercetin. Rutin. Salicin. Red grape leaf extract

Horse chestnut extract. Telangyn

All Organic Natural Vegan Skin Care  Cosmetics

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